DUSK: App-Controlled Electrochromic Smart Sunglasses

DUSK App-Enabled Smart Sunglasses

Introducing Dusk — The First Pair of Electrochromic Smart Sunglasses by Ampere

    • Ampere launches Dusk — the first pair of smart sunglasses with app-controlled electrochromic lenses, which allow you to adjust the tint of the sunglasses using its app or from the button on the frames.
    • Dusk frames come with hidden built-in speakers and a microphone — providing support for audio and voice assistance for Apple’s Siri and Android devices.
    • Dusk’s rechargeable travel case is designed to house Apple’s AirTag, so you can track the glasses down using the Find My App on your iPhone.

NEW YORK, May 27, 2021 – Today, Ampere launches Dusk — a breakthrough pair of smart sunglasses with app-enabled dynamic lenses, an open-ear audio system, and integration with Apple AirTags.

Unlike traditional photochromic lenses (aka transitional lenses) that react to the light, Dusk’s lenses are electrochromic; they allow you to adjust the tint level in just 0.1 seconds to your desired tint.

You adjust the tint level of the lenses, and even save  your preferred settings using the Ampere App.

When away from your smartphone, you can adjust between tint levels via touch controls on the left side of the frame, or set them to adjust automatically.

From Ampere's Press Release for the glasses:

Ditch the headphones
Dusk comes with an open-ear audio system for a listening experience while on the go.

Speakers and Microphone
The speakers in each arm’s interior discreetly provide crystal clear audio while allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings—making them perfect for driving, biking, or walking on busy streets.

Touch and Voice Control
For touch and voice control, an integrated microphone and button on the right side of the frame will allow you to access Siri and Google Assistant. The button will also allow you to answer calls, pause or skip songs — keeping you fully hands-free.

Never lose your sunglasses again
Dusk’s accessories will also be compatible with Apple’s AirTag. A space for Apple’s new Bluetooth tracking device is found at the top of the charging case, so you’ll be able to track down your lost sunglasses using Apple’s Find My App.

They’re really good sunglasses too
 The arms of the frame are ultra-thin, making the tech almost impossible to detect from a distance.

The classic wayfarer frame has a slightly oversized profile and suits nearly all face shapes.

With polarized lenses that block 100% of UVA/UVB rays and a modern matte-black finish, Dusk looks and feels premium.

Dusk has also been engineered to be lightweight, waterproof, and durable. The frames weigh just over 26 grams and are comfortable to wear all day long. With a waterproof rating of IP65, they are perfect for a day on the water or by the pool.

“The smart sunglasses options on the market are either pretty basic and not worth splurging on, or are something out of a sci-fi movie and not suited for everyday use”,

-Reid Covington, CEO, Ampere.

Dusk is Ampere’s second wearable product to launch on the market. The team debuted their highly-acclaimed, “Best of CES” wireless charging fanny pack, Side Pocket, at CES 2020.

“We love the wearables space and we’re excited to be expanding our wearables line with Dusk,”

says Chase Larson, COO, Ampere,

“We’re also excited to be able to incorporate Ampere products into the Apple AirTag ecosystem. Stay tuned as we have some more exciting wearable tech in the pipeline.”

U.S. Pricing and Availability
Dusk are available for pre-sale now and will begin shipping in August 2021, just in time for summer. The MSRP will start from $269.95, but the sunglasses have launched with a discounted pre-sale price starting from $179.95.

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