Pen That Never Runs Out of Ink

The world’s tiniest pen with unlimited ink, aptly called the ForeverPen™ has now launched on Kickstarter.

Made with a body of Grade 5 Titanium and a tip from Solid Silver Composites, the one-inch pen is designed to last forever.

The team at World’s Tiniest researched various ancient ways to write and came across Silverpoint, a traditional drawing technique from the Renaissance era usually reserved for high luxury.

With a background in engineering and materials science, the team designed a Silver-based material with a hard-wearing tip that would last longer than 500 pens, more than enough for a lifetime.

The solid tip outperformed liquid ink in every way, by writing permanently, free from smudges, underwater and even upside down.

On the body there is a pass-through for carabiners and key rings so it can be kept with you everywhere you go.

The ForeverPen™ is available now on Kickstarter for only $29.

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