Predictions of Future World Events Made by a Time Traveler on TikTok

There’s someone (or something) on TikTok posting Nostradamus-like predictions of future world events.

I saw their first video in June 2019. I sorted and arranged all the predictions chronologically here.
So far, one of them has came true.

“I am a time traveler from the year 2714. Here is a brief summary of what’s to come in the near future”.

There are multiple Earths, multiple timelines. There are infinite universes called the multiverse.
If one universe collides with another, it is the same as the “Mandela Effect”, where no one knows it
happened, but it did, and there are several small changes.

7/2/2021 A plane will go missing for eight years.
It went into a wormhole which caused the people on board not to age at all

8/3/2021 NASA finds a mirrored Earth, opposite physics, motion.

meteor shower prediction

8/11/2021 The largest ever meteor shower begins, and lasts for over 2 weeks straight, one of the meteors hits Earth.
It will contain the Nozic Message, beginning the infiltration of Earth by the Nozics. It will eventually lead to the first Nozic War.

9/14/2021 A category 6 hurricane hits South Carolina, the worst in history.

“Many of you are scared of creatures in space. You should be scared of what lies right beneath you”
In late 2021 to early 2022 you will start to hear loud noises from underground.

8 humans receive super powers

10/20/2021 Eight Humans receive superpowers from extreme energy of the Sun. These consist of telekinesis, telepathy, super endurance and pure strength.

12/14/2021 Three teenagers find a t-rex egg and a device to open a portal to an alternate universe

2021 A tsunami with a height of 1,940 feet (591 meters) hits the coast of California.

Life is evolving faster than it ever has, under you. In late 2022, they will start to come out of their hiding and become the top of the food chain.

2/2/2022 Atlantis is found by three divers in the Atlantic Ocean, housing human-fish life. Over 50 unknown species of life are found, including a 50-foot shark called the Akbar Shark.
There is a civilization down there living in a large glass dome. They won’t be very welcoming.

9/17/2022 The Cerine Croin is discovered in the Bermuda Triangle, the largest living thing on Earth.

2023 the Axis powers come back together, trying to start a new World War.
They send nuclear bombs to the US, UK, Russia, Canada, and Australia, starting the Vestio Alliance.

3/7/2023 An alien intelligence called the “Nozics” infiltrate all governments throughout Earth, trying to cause chaos in humanity

2023 A new pandemic starts, called “The Nozic Plague”

2024 A Magnitude 9.9 earthquake causes California to sink into the ocean.

2025 ‘Extreme energy’ reaches Earth again, causing everyone to go blind temporarily, some permanently.
Scientists said there was a 7% chance of it reaching the Earth, and it did. It will be so bright and hot, it will
cause people to go blind; some temporarily, some permanently.

2026 First man lands on Mars

2026 Five teenagers will find a rock with a device in it to open up another dimension.
They didn’t think much of it, just that it was some kind of old boat technology and threw it back into the ocean.
It hasn’t been found since. It if is you, do NOT throw it back.

2027 NASA discovers life on Mars under the ice.

2028 Permanent colonization of Mars begins

2029 Elon Musk creates a nuclear rocket that can go 150 MPS (miles per second)

2031 Hyperloop is passenger-ready and you can travel around the world 10x faster than your commercial airliners.

2035 (in 14 year) Two stars collided 17 light years away, The light will take over the sky.

2036 10,000 people live on Mars permanently

2041 A rocket is created that can travel 58,000,000 mph

2070 Robots with thoughts, feelings and emotions are created

2146 Earth habitable again after Nuclear War (World War 3)

2185 The Warp Drive is created—compresses space to travel faster than light speed.

2214 Mars is fully terraformed, has oxygen, water, and life.

2219 Humans make it to the Kepler-442 system, which has a planet called Kepler-442b which is similar to Earth and has enough Oxygen for us to survive.

The screen name of the time traveler is @aesthetictimewarper


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