Terms Of Service

In this Terms of Service document, the words “me, I, we, in2mind media” refers to the owners and operators of this web site.

The word “web site, here” refers to this web site, in2mindmedia.com.
The words “YOU, User(s), visitor(s)” refers to you, the person or animal or artificial intelligence reading this document and/or visiting this web site.

We like fun and happiness.

Have fun at this web site, click on everything you’re interested in, and comment wherever you can or feel like commenting.

If a button or link or ad on this web site navigates you to some other place on the internet other than this web site, that’s why those links are here.

Just know that many of the links in this web site do lead to other web sites.

Nudity while at your computer is encouraged, provided the temperature in the environment you are visiting this web site from supports it,
and will earn you great prestige and position you at the front of the line if ever any “ceremonies” are held at some open-air, well-ventilated location.

Users are encouraged to comment on and share whatever they find here using the “share and like and comment” buttons and forms provided.

Malicious activity.

Any malicious activity at this web site will not be tolerated and will cause the deletion of any account or subscriptions associated with the
name or email addresses of the malicious.
Which is really a disheartening thing to even say. But it’s true, so be nice.

If you attempt to solicit or perform any activity that is illegal in New York, USA,  your activity will need to be reported to I don’t know whom yet,
but you probably won’t like what happens as the result of performing any malicious or illegal activity at this web site,
and the whole situation would just be a big pain in the ass for ME, so we and you keep it all legal and friendly and safe for all visitors as best as user and we can. (whoever you are).

“Malicious” at this web site also refers to “harassment, threats, attempts to alter data or “hacking”, trying to sell or trade or advertise illegal products or services, weapons, illegal drugs, and discrimination based on ANYTHING.

You are a drone with no distinguishing characteristics here;
you’re just a stem cell that replicated itself into a human form (or whatever you call that fleshy vessel you’ve been residing in))
…you were the sperm that won a race to an egg, and now you are here. Be a peaceful little spermegg.

You agree that these terms of service are normal and “sane” and just. Because in2mind media and Michael (me) are just, and beautiful.
I love this web site, because I really do feel satisfaction when I feel that I’ve given you something you like. And I am the emperor here.

If I were not the emperor here, I would not like it here as much. But I love it here. I hope you do too.

Element X Clause:

If you put anything crazy on your pizza, such as pineapple or ham, or any object whose Earthly origins are questionable (such as broccoli),
a written exam may be administered to you via a special page at this web site in an attempt to determine your stability in other areas of life.

If user fails the written exam, user may take it a second time. A second failure means user may be required to stand quite near an active volcano, naked with a kazoo in user’s mouth.
(user may opt to serve this penalty in a virtual environment, so as to avoid personal injury and/or whatever embarrassment might result from the spectacle).

Other than these Terms of Service you have just read, do you have any questions?


Thank you for reading the Terms of Service.

Oh there is more:


All images, text content, videos, sounds, music, etc. that appear on this web site are the property of their owners,
and we have obtained permission to show what appears on this web site on this web site from the persons and companies to whom they belong.

If you do put something written or pictorial onto the web site, make sure it’s yours or that you have permission to use it.

You can’t claim that I put onto this web site something that you put onto this web site, or that I made it, and I can erase anything from the web site
if it violates any of the Terms of Service outlined in these Terms of Service.

Remember the volcano thing.

You can’t claim to be me and I won’t claim to be you. Ever, in any situation, anywhere.

Good then.